Nirmala Ekka

Community Correspondent, Jharkhand
Nirmala was born and raised in Ghumla, Jharkhand. She now lives in Ranchi where she works as a Community Correspondent for Video Volunteers: "Before joining Video Volunteers, I had never thought about taking photographs. This has been something completely new to me." She continues: "I enjoy the feeling it gives people when they see the photographs I've taken of them." Nirmala's aim is to one day see her photographs published in an international magazine or newspaper.

The Project: 
Nirmala's project initially looked at the problems created as a result of garbage being dumped in her community. She took photographs on this topic for some time before noticing that some groups of people depended on the garbage for their livelihood. Nirmala's ongoing project - shown below - focuses on the way in which these people use garbage to make a living for themselves.

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