Uzma Tabbasum

Community Correspondent,Uttar Pradesh

Uzma was born and raised in Khamariya, eastern Uttar Pradesh. She now lives in Hinchanpur, Varanasi, where she works as a Community Correspondent for Video Volunteers. She has been with the organisation for the past two and a half years, documenting the changes occurring in her community as a result of UNDP initiated development projects: "I like using photography to show the ways that people live in my community and how lives are changing."

The Project:
Uzma's short body of work looks at the life of a woman running a vegetable store in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The woman started the vegetable store after taking a loan from her Self-Help Group (part of a project initiated by the UNDP). In the future, Uzma intends to focus her photography on a community of basket weavers who live close to her village.


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